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    Looking to buy some headphones for use with my Omnia 7, was looking at some Sennheiser 212 Pros, couple of my mates have a pair and they seem decent for the price, but thought id ask around before going for them.
    Don't want to be spending much over £50 unless its a spectacular deal, was going to go for a pair of Marshall Majors, but the ear cups are supposedly smaller than ideal and offer sub par audio quality.

    Mostly listen to a bit of everything, but mostly bass heavy tracks.

    Any advice would be great!


    dont know much bout earphones but got a few pairs reduced

    well dont get monster beats studio , cost me £279 and took them back after 1 day , they leak noise really bad every one can hear what your listening too, there really bad

    The audiophile types seem to like the Creative Aurvana Live! (same Foster drivers as Denon AH-D1001) £55 delivered :…088
    However it doesn't have a great reputation for isolation and is maybe a bit bulky for use outdoors.

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys, anyone else?

    Me again. Someone on Head-FI has just given good reviews for the Creative HQ-1600; £40 incl del on site linked to above. Looks more suitable for portable use.

    I've spent in the region of £500 on Sennheiser over the years.

    Great sound, disgusting build quality.
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