Headphones for 11 year old?

Found 18th Jan 2015
He wants headphones as his main birthday present, luckily he's too young to know about Beats! Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations?

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I can't recommend any specific headphones, but I do know you should be getting some that limit the volume. There are special kids ones that do this, or at a push something like the iPhone volume limiter should be used.

You shouldn't risk an 11year old's hearing with standard headphones. They can go far too loud and kids often don't appreciate the potential damage they can do.
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Headphones for an eleven year old? Seems a good deal to me, what do you want boy or girl? I have one of each, they better be a decent set of headphones though!
Skullcandy tend to be aimed at the younger generation
beats aren't meaured by age but by stupidity. they are the modern day emperor's new clothes.
if your music is centred around an obsession of bass, beats are for you, just like silly boot-taking-up sub-woofers were in my day.
you can enjoy black keys b-sides without spending silly money on silly brands - the price of which is not proportionate to the quality.
beats are known for only being superior for low frequency sounds - those that are preferred for certain kinds of music. bass is good, but if your music revolves around having excessive bass, my opinion is your music is not worth risking one of your precious senses for. (in fact, my true belief is it's not worth wasting your battery on, but let's not get drawn in to that debate......(_;))

one thing i would be very weary of is - as has been pointed out - is ear damage.
I had a real scare in my early years after too long playing back through DJ headphones in mixers (many times louder than normal headphones in conventional mp3 players of today). i was lucky i recognised the early signs and stopped before high frequency hearing loss and tinitus affected me, but if I was responsible for an 11 year old knowing what I know, I'd ensure they protected their precious ears from overly loud music

as for choosing the right pair, it's important to know whether they want over-the-ears or in-ears.
throughout my youth i had cheap pairs because they always broke, i always stuffed em into jeans pockets or wherever else was suitable, and over time the internal wires came loose and they had to be replaced. i'd have been really upset if they were a premium pair.
what's your budget? if they're for home as much as they are for on-the-go, how about a cheap but decent pair of computer or bluetooth speakers that can be connected to any mp3 player and an affordable headphone set?
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look up jam transit... look like beats but cost 30.00 and also wireless. impressed with mine

look up jam transit... look like beats but cost 30.00 and also wireless. … look up jam transit... look like beats but cost 30.00 and also wireless. impressed with mine

They seem good for what you're looking for, they're usually pretty pricey too: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00LN4YWBU/ref=gb1h_tit_c-4_0927_df0417c1?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_t=701&pf_rd_s=center-new-4&pf_rd_r=1M8YYA9YZTWHWXC47VWJ&pf_rd_i=20&pf_rd_p=563170927

£44 direct from AKG
£54 from pixmania
£14.99 from Amazon!

Sony headphones are also usually a good choice:
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Senheiser HD202's.
I got my other half a set of cheap bluetooth ones (works with any phone or device with bluetooth).


Under £25 and reasonable quality sound and has controls on the headphones to change track, volume and play/pause. Added advantage of no wire to lose or get tangled up and inevitably damaged.
I agree Bluetooth headphones are probably best for a young one, but I got my niece Koss PortaPro headphones when she was around ten years old, she still has them
ours have these, good sound. ours moved from jvcs with the sound limiters on them and we now limit the sound on the devices, though we make sure we keep an eye (or ear) on them so they aren't playing too loud, also they don't keep them on for long times. Found that sound limiters are now restricted to the kids versions and as they get to 10/11 their head are a little big for those ones.


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