Headphones for 7 & 9 year old children.

    Looking for some headphones for my 2 wee "darling" daughters to replace the ear buds that came with their mp3 players.

    I want over ear ones instead of ear buds, robust but with a bit of street cred.

    I initially looked at the Skullcandy Lowriders but reviews on amzon seem to reckon they are flimsy & prone to breaking.…1-2

    Favourite at the moment are the Skullcandy "Recruits" which seem to fit the bill but are less "cool" (as if I would know)…03C

    Any advice appreciated!


    search amazon for "mini mice childrens character headphones"-come in a range of animal patterns-the nursery school my wife works in bought a batch of these for the children when using the computers and my daughter uses them for ipod-they are excellent build quality.

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    Cheers for the pointers guys.

    I'll have a closer look at them.

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    As both girls MP3's have sound limiters built in I've decided not to go for the ones with that built in.

    I've ordered these as they seem to fit the bill, have good reviews and are a very good price from HMV (more than double some other places).…y=0

    Reviews mention they fit well & snugly so hoping they will fit my weans noggins.

    Here they are at JL for £17.50…lat

    And a few reviews from Amazon…1-2

    Thanks again.
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