Headphones for kids?

Posted 30th Nov
Can anyone recommend some for a 10 year old?
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My kids don’t like in ear and they brake the wires so any cheap over ear Bluetooth I recommend. Got some Bluetooth kitsound from eBay for about £15 they seem happy enough

Search KitSound Slammers Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones on eBay
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Just watch kids ones as they have limiters so sometimes you can barely use them on noisy places like planes
Tempted to say Edifier coz I have a high(ish) end product, which I love dearly, and a lowend product, which I also love dearly... Both are speakers (R12U and R1850DB)

But I don't have their headphones...

There's plenty of Edifier headphones on ebay (I use ebay to check what's available, not always for buying)

So if you can *see* they are robust from their design, they're likely well built and likely good sound quality for the price range.
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