Headphones for running?

    Ello all,

    Have recently, rather stupidly, signed up for the Bristol half marathon and am now in need of some fairly decent headphones that are suitable for running. Would prefer some with a neckband as pretty much every in ear set I've had have always fallen out of my apparently weird shaped ears...

    Just wondering if anybody had any recommendations for a fairly cheap set. Budget is only about £20 though.... Any help would be good!


    the sennheiser pmx70 are suppossed to bequite good although there is a pmx80 but its more expensive. this may not be the cheapest but its a start, if thats the sort of thing you want…8-1

    ]Sennheiser OMX 52 Have had mine for 2 years now. They are IMO much more comfortable to wear, especially over longer periods and stay in place nicely.

    Saw some neckband ones in Tesco's today, might be worth a look x
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