headphones for the gym

    can anybody make any recommendations for some headphones that i could use in the gym that wont fall out my lugs? im looking for a fairly cheap pair as i have some headphones for normal use, just a bit hard to keep them in my ears while jogging etc.

    once you've made these recommendations could you point me in the right direction


    i use over-the-ear style headphones and have no problems, even when flat out on the treadmill. these are similar to mine and cost £10.10, including VAT and delivery.…tml
    You may be able to find cheaper sets if you look hard enough!

    Edit: Found these for £3.41inc VAt and delivery.…GBP
    Cannot vouch for the quality or the company though.

    Hi Guerilla,

    I just did a quick look on amazon and found some of these, which look good and won't fall out.…IA/

    I just typed in Head phones and they came up with a load, probably can get cheaper ones as well!!!


    Yea the ones that hook over the ears are normally successful during exercise.

    I had a pair of these sony's…htm
    Very comfortable and good quality if not a little more pricey.

    Original Poster

    thanks for all the help so far.


    I had a pair of these sony's … I had a pair of these sony's comfortable and good quality if not a little more pricey.

    now that ive looked at them im sure i've got a pair of these in the house, completely forgot about them! if i cant find them though i think ill go for the Sennheiser ones, does anyone know if they only come in green?

    Not sure if they would come in any other colour, maybe take the name and paste into Kelkoo or unbeatable to see if they come up with similar ones in the search. Thati s probably how i would do it.

    Original Poster

    nice suggestion mate, would appear they only come in bright bright green though... i'll keep looking

    No worries, finally some knowledge that i can share!!

    I have the shuffle version 2 for jogging which is ok, they seem to stick in my ears ok ( maybe because they are slightly cauliflowered!! lol) but i know what you mean when running along and they pop out, puts you off your stride sometimes!!

    I use these in the gym;…tml
    I jog for 20 mins bike for 10 mins, Row for 10 and do weights without ever having to adjust, They fit and they sound great.
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