Headphones For Watching Movies & Playing On Consoles

    Looking for a deal for a pair of headphones for watching TV and playing games on.

    Not looking to spend a fortune, just a decent pair of Sennheisers or something so that I'm not disturbing anyone else in the house at night



    I use these for the comp and for tv/films late at night.

    They are pretty decent for what you pay and pretty comfortable, the 2.5m cable is fine for me I can lie back on the sofa and watch with ease, but if you needed longer you could just by an extension from ebay.

    hmm for some reason the link isnt working when I post in a comment but works fine otherwise but they are Sony MDR-XD200 headphones…mtd

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    thanks for the recommendation numpty! Haven't had a pair of sony's in years though, normally stick with the Sennheisers! Might give em a try at that price though.
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