headphones- Sony MDR-V150 or Sennheiser HD201?

Found 14th Nov 2010
Which one do you think would be better for use, mainly while commuting?

Sony MDR-V150

Sennheiser HD201

The sennheiser seems to be the better one, in terms of sound quality, but is it a more cumbersome piece, perhaps too big to travel? Bear in mind that I've only used earphones before. Thanks.
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wow haha. i was just comparing these two pairs.
I'm tempted by the Sony because of the portability.
Looking forward to some replies here these are the ones I'm looking at too!
I have the HD205, which are very nice, but I would not want to carry them around with me - they are too bulky IMO. I would suggest upping the budget for some fold-able ones.

Personally I use a set of Sennheiser OMX 90 VCs when I am out and about.
With the sony headphones, the ear peices fall apart after about 12 months. Ive got some V500's and you cant buy real replacements. I have however come up with a smart way to recover the entire earpeice with some cotton and some squares of material. It looks like I have sunflowers on my head but I dont care, im not throwing them away.
I bought the Sony v150, but only because they were £10. I haven't opened them though, as it doesn't look like theyre that good, might just give them back and get the sennheisers
I got my pair today acer(went with the sony) theyre pretty decent.
Tomm what do u think of them after trying them for a few days?
I have the HD201s- they are big and the cord is long so they're cumbersome, but, they're very comfy and double as ear muffs in the winter

Tomm what do u think of them after trying them for a few days?

i have them and they are soo good. surely better than HD201
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