Headphones with really short cable.

Found 4th Sep 2010
Ok, i dont know if im lacking in my googlefu skills bit i cant find anywhere selling earbuds with short cables (4-6in).

Seems rather odd as there are plenty of manufacturers who sell inline remotes and such.

Do the headphones have a specific name or something?

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its normally a problem from the other angle i.e cable is just too short
from experience its really a case of butchering a pair and using a soldering iron (waits for someone to point me in the direction of an emporium full of short headphones)
its not as daunting as it sounds and with a bit of practice with the soldering iron you'll find you can repair all sorts of stuff - if you really get stuck send me t he headphones and ill get my sound engineer to shorten them - obviously i can't give you a guarantee on the job but if it helps
I have a pair of Shure SE110's which have a really short cable. Amazon describe it as a "Modular cable design"
Yeah it looks like im going to have to go that route, there isn't much or a selection. I do a fair bit of soldering myself, but i wanted to avoid it in this instance because soldering the headphone wires can be a real pain to get a strong reliable connection, which is particularly important for this. I may actually crimp rather than solder it ...

Carley, they are exactly what im looking for, but far in excess of what im willing to pay
I got some free from play the other day easily 6 inches+, i'll try get the name for you
sony ex71s are short with an extension cable.

I use them with my handsfree
i have a set that came with a SE walkman phone, dont use em, they are pretty short.
as ever with these things its worth spending an extra bit of cash for something on the market rather than the time it takes to get it perfect and id agree that with headphones you want the perfect connection
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