Heads up: Apple iTunes to bring pricing in line throughout EU.

Just a heads up to tell all those considering making a number of purchases from Apple's excellent iTunes that they may wish to consider holding off for a while...

After an EU ruling, Apple have decided to bring pricing across the EU iTunes stores to the same level. In the UK we currently pay 79p per track whilst across the EU they pay about 64p (19% less!) per track. Apple has committed to a new price for the UK though it seems likely that the new price will be somewhere between the 64p and 79p across the EU (hopefully not the higher figure!)

Apple have stated that over the next six months, all EU iTunes stores will carry the same pricing, with recent history showing that they are likely to start with their biggest EU market - the UK - first.

I will update as soon as the new pricing is updated by Apple...

Please add if you have found any new vouchers for iTunes!


It's 74p.

Apple still have a long way to go from 74p for a 128kbps m4a DRM protected track if they want me to start downloading music from iTunes.

This is not really a deal, moved to the misc forum...

apple haven't "decided" to bring the prices into line, they've been forced to by a court.

Gotta agree with themoose too - if I pay for music online, the minimum I want is 320kbit cbr encoded with LAME and preferably flac (or wav) with absolutely no drm.

Absolutely no need to use itunes or any other bloated proprietary drm infested s/w either.

beatport.com are OK for more commercial stuff.
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