HEADS UP!! BT broadband users!!! BT Yahoo online protection

    Found out today that the 'norton' that was provided through the BT yahoo onloine protection stopped working on my wifes laptop. when going into the norton it told me that there was a problem and it needed to be re-installed. it didnt just simply stop updating IT STOPPED PROTECTING making you vulnerable.
    un-installed it..........then went to the BT yahoo online protection webpage.....
    only to find out that it is now 'POWERED BY MCAFEE'

    without any forewarning (email, pop-up or any other form) they have changed the service provided. surely they are not allowed to do this.
    i now have to reformat both mine and my wifes laptop in order to remove any residual trace of the norton so that i can have a clean install of the 'mcafee'
    i spent around an hour on the phone to BT total broadband technical support letting them know i was NOT HAPPY AT ALL only to be told 'so what' (might as well have said that to me.
    i was told that this change happened on the 1st December and that all customer were informed. NO EMAIL WAS EVER SENT TO ME REGARDING ANY CHANGE.

    Who can you complain to about this? i would suggest anyone else affected by this to complain as well.


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    if your 'norton' from BT has not yet stopped working, IT WILL once it verifies its subscription which it must do periodically

    Dont know who to complain to, but i dont use Norton as its slows my laptop/pc down, plus not always uptodate like AVG which is free.

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    Dont know who to complain to, but i dont use Norton as its slows my … Dont know who to complain to, but i dont use Norton as its slows my laptop/pc down, plus not always uptodate like AVG which is free.

    i have not had a problem with norton in all the time that i have used it whilst being online.
    'mcafee' on the other hand ran extremely sluggish on my vista PC so i was always happy with norton.
    this was included as part of the 'package' so not had to pay extra for it separately. (i know some will say you have paid for it in the subscription.....:whistling: )

    Norton Removal Tool

    This document is for Norton 2008 products. If you have a different … This document is for Norton 2008 products. If you have a different product, please go to our main document and choose the product that you have. Then follow the steps in that document.…pen

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    Norton Removal … Norton Removal Tool

    only problem is that it was a 'custom' version of norton supplied to BT

    PLUS! what about all the other customers that dont have a clue about this sort of thing that will be left in the lurch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The removal tools works. We have BT Broadband & their Norton package was on my OH's laptop. It seemed to remove it completely doing uninstall & then running removal tool. I never put it on mine as I didn't like the packaged firewall & it seemed to be a resource hog.

    We haven't had any emails either about changes to security packages etc. I'll have a look on the BT homepage later, thanks :thumbsup:

    I left BT 2 months ago after 6 weeks on and off phone with them.
    I rang Ofcom they logged the problem and give me a direct line to speak to.
    Now with O2 on a 8Meg line same as Bt and it's faster lol.
    Also my laptops run Bt Nortons and are still been updated.
    How did you find it stopped working.

    I am with BT, but would never have used Norton even if BT paid me to do so

    I doubt this is part of your contract and even if it is BT have probably defined it more generically than a specific package.

    However I do agree with the above comment in that I wouldn't use either Norton or McAfee even if given for free - I find their resource hogging irritating and they're not that great at actually stopping threats.


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    How did you find it stopped working.

    norton had a red cross in the system tray icon and when opened the security centre it then said it needed fixing.
    there was no warning, it just no longer protected.

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    what i would like to know is did BT have a responsibility to inform customers of this change? as it made a BIG change to the software that was installed on the users PC.
    i feel sorry for the many users that will have to ring BT up to find out what has happened to their protection only to be told the usual spiel about uninstalling and installing. and what about those that may not even realise they have a problem and are left vulnerable to threat?

    please can we try to keep responses to the matter at hand rather than what individual thoughts on norton/mcafee/other options are. obviously everyones experiences with different packages are different and everyone has their own thoughts.

    I doubt BT would have to inform people - it's not a big change, they are still providing an AV package for users. Perhaps if they in their contract they were required to provide an AV package and were withdrawing it.

    With regards to individual thoughts on AV packages, that is the matter at hand whether you realise it or not. You believe McAfee is a signficant change and therefore that is causing a problem whereas as some of us have pointed out, both packages are as bad as each other and therefore it's not much of a change.


    If I declined the new BT Yahoo Online Protection, what is your opinion of either:

    a) CA Internet Security Plus

    b) AVG

    c) Webroot Spysweeper

    As an alternative??? Or what would you recommend?

    I have a router with a Firewall and use Webroot Spysweeper at present.

    I would appreciate any thoughts.

    Thank you

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    Hi there. i installed my own version (not BT's) mcafee to see what it was like and let me tell you i H4TED it. it was sooooo annoying. wanted to scan everything in a folder everytime i opened it even if it had scanned those files before so opening folders with lots of files in it was delayed.
    then it kept quarantining files that i had been using for the last year saying it had a generic trojan in it WHEN I KNOW THOSE FILES WERE SAFE and there was not an option to exclude those files from future scans.

    in the end i went onto ebay and bought norton internet security 2009 3-user license as that is what i know and trust personally. cost me £17.99 delivered
    ebay item number:140285630930 for your information.
    it is a systembuilder (OEM) version and comes supplied on a 1Gb USB memory stick so that will come in handy.

    in relation to the other software you mentioned i cannot really say as i have never used any of those.
    hope this helps :thumbsup:

    Thank you very much for your reply Homerian! Much appreciated.
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