Heads up-cheap UGG boots in glasgow-tomorrow only!!

A bit area specific but a great heads up for anyone who can get to retro designer store in east kilbride mall tomorrow.

They are closing down at 5pm tomorrow and all their ugg boots are 59.99!

Loads of styles and sizes-cardy/tall/short-mrs barky got a pair and got some for 13 year old daughter as well-an utter bargain methinks.

Diesel designer bags and loadsa clothes too at reduced prices altho I must stress it was 200 quid jeans reduced to 100,bags reduced from 450 to 199 etc-still not exactly cheap but may be good for someone.


Barky can you get me some Ugg slippers !!!

good tip

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Barky can you get me some Ugg slippers !!!

never saw any slippers-they had loadsa cardy ones and the tall and short sheepskins,they had the canvasy type ones ankle boots-loadsa boots and a good stock of sizes in each. no slippers. they had loadsa infant ones too but they werent reduced-they can send them back apparently.


bit far for me to go, but brilliant for those who live their, suppose there will be loads on the bay

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