Heads Up - Disney Movie Rewards New Improved Selection - more added 3/8/11

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    Just a heads up really, disney movie rewards have updated their website at last and now have a huge selection again, over the last few months it has been poor until it dwindled to only 4 rewards in the 700-1300 point catergory, now it has approx 45 inc tangled blu ray, tangled bu ray 3d, alice in wonderland animated version blu ray, bambi blu ray etc

    Have put this in misc, cos its not a deal really, hope its the right place


    Cool, im on 650.

    Any idea about recent freebie codes?

    About time they put something on there, I have 1950 points =/

    thanks, just ordered the pocahontas dvd

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    Cool, im on 650.Any idea about recent freebie codes?

    unfortunately not

    I've got a few thousand points but haven't seen anything worth getting yet. I've already had a few free Blu-Rays so far.

    I want some Cars 2 goodies.


    Ive a Toy Story 3 WII Disney reward code for trade.


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    Lots more rewards added again
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