Heads up, fun house from the 1990's is on challenge TV from tomorrow with Pat sharp, the twins etc

Found 24th Jul 2009
just for anyone that wants to watch old classic TV then its something to watch on challenge TV. i have set the V+ box to record it.

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wow. just wow.

(twins = melanie and martina)??


wow. just wow.](twins = melanie and martina)??

+1 lol!

Watched it last weekend, got the tune in my head now!


wow. just wow.(twins = melanie and martina)??

36 now!!!!!!

Martina/Melanie Grant - Fun HouseNow 36, they live near each other in … Martina/Melanie Grant - Fun HouseNow 36, they live near each other in Kent. Martina is a receptionist and Melanie cares for her sick husband.


Check out what they look like now - ]http//ww…php

The twins were mentioned on 1vs100 (360) last night and the presenter guy said that he met Pat Sharpe recently and he was concidering redoing fun house but for a more adult orientated audience


36 … 36 now!!!!!!]http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/tm_headline=100-children-s-tv-stars----where-are-they-now-&method=full&objectid=19208936&siteid=115875-name_page.htmlCheck out what they look like now - ]http://www.hecklerspray.com/hecklerspray-meets-pat-sharp-the-funhouse-twins/200937235.php

thanks for links!!! no rep to give sowi! :oops:
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