Posted 12th Oct 2022
Just wanted to give a heads up and warn people about an online Appliance company who almost scammed me, but have scammed many others already.

Recently moved house and with the cost of energy going up, decided on purchasing a heat pump tumble dryer, mainly for the winter months.

Wanted at least an A++ rated machine, so shopped around and finally found a Beko model at H&A Appliances at a price well below that elsewhere. They even offered an additional 10% off for registering. The website looked professional, and had lots of positive customer reviews, so I took to google to search for them. Found their details on Companies House, so they are a genuine company. Then looked for independent reviews, but found nothing for H&A Appliances. So I ordered the dryer, paying by credit card.

One week later, I have heard nothing since the order confirmation email. So I logged into my account and the order is still showing as 'processing'. I tried to contact them by phone, and online chat and got no response. This when i started to worry. I did another search and found Trustpilot, but the closest company name was ''. I had a look and most of the recent review were actually about H&A Appliances, so they must have changed their name at some point.…com

Many others had similar experience, but others had been told of misdirected deliveries to Fife, which then never turned up. So I logged into my credit card account and they have yet to take any money, and nothing was showing as pending from them either.

So I contacted Santander and told them of my worry, and they put an immediate block on my card and are sending out a new card/number, so at least these chancers shouldn't be able to charge the £340 to my account.

On further digging, their registered address (16 Olanyian Drive, Manchester, M8 8YU) is claimed to be a small shop which only holds a small number of items, but Google Maps shows its just a house on a housing estate in Manchester.

Images of their larger premises on the website are stolen from around the web (Google Lens results).

People are looking to save money where they can at the moment, and they shouldn't fall victim to scammers like this trying to take advantage.

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    Being registered at companies house doesn't mean that a company is legitimate. They don't do any kind of checks, as long as you pay the fee (£12) you can set up a company. You could have a bogus company registered at your own house without your knowledge.
    I put my own postcode into the search at…rch
    and found that there was a £4000000 Chinese leather goods company set up a few doors from me.
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    Thats a really thorough assessment, and you were clear in what was causing suspicions. Hopefully this will help many others.
    Glad that you were able to catch before the card was charged, and saved yourself the headache that could have been.
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    Thanks so much, just about to buy a garmin fenix 6 Pro for £220 but thought I'd check around as seems so cheap. Bloody scammers.

    Is this the same company?? (edited)
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    Well done OP
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    I had something similar happen with a furniture company a few years ago , glad you got it sorted and it’s very decent of you to take the time to name and shame the company to warn others 
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    Same happened to me. "Bought" a tv on Friday, 7 October, but became suspicious on Monday, 10 October, as the status of my order had not changed and couldn't get hold of anybody on live chat (no response) or on the phone (voicemail). I did the same as you and checked companies house and saw that there was only a share capital of £100 listed and the address is a residential one. Checked my credit card and there were no pending payments in the pipeline so got the card stopped. I came to the conclusion: If the deal looks too good to miss, then it probably is wise to miss. I have noted that today my order states "cancelled" but no date of cancellation so obviously they have tried to take the money from the card and it has been rejected.
    Yeah just checked and my order now says 'Cancelled', but I did email them to ak them to cancel the order, though never received anything to say it had or would be. As you say, they probably tried to charge the payment card and got rejected, thankfully.
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    Thanks for the post I was nearly seduced today. Will avoid. 
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    Thanks very much OP, I was just about to order a new oven that was more than 30% cheaper than the next best price and thought I would check HUKD. Saved me some hassle and/or a few hundred quid! Cheers
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    Thank you! Was looking at a fridge freezer. Sounded to good to be true so did a quick Google and your post came up. I’ll stay well clear!
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    Just about to buy a TV from them and did a couple of searches. Found this thread.
    Still going do a search for haappliances
    Ddid a revearse image search of the image. Another image came up with a different company and london address.
    Don't buy off them mate the other company isn't a different company it is the same one .
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    I al.osy bought a Hisense 55A6GTUK as their code brought it down to £234. Seemed suss, then I searched for them.

    Thank you for posting this, mate. Saved me a headache.
    Aye, thats what caught me originally, looking for a Beko Heat Pump Dryer, and their price was About £100 cheaper than elsewhere, and free delivery. Turned out too good to be true, and thankfully I managed to cancel my CC before they took any money (not sure why they waited over a week to take payment).

    Sadly though, seems the website appears to be live again, and with a Black Friday promo code.

    I just hope others read this thread and don't get caught out.
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    Fair play. Glad you were able to stop yourself getting scammed and the time to save others.
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    Nearly bought a fridge freezer from these guys about a fortnight ago! The price is cheaper, but not so crazily cheap to provoke suspicion.

    The lack of feedback for HA Appliances put me off (the whole "if it's too good to be true" thing). I looked up Norton Safe Web and Companies House as well (though their website isn't that old, quite newly-registered).

    Ended up buying from Currys - that was fun, had a rotten cold and the store still advertised on their website I travelled to didn't exist in reality! Came back and ordered from their Live webchat service and, I know HUKDers tend to dislike Currys, but they were flawless after that initial hiccup. (Price-matched another e-tailer, though had to pay delivery on top, but I was getting desperate).

    Lots of retailers had my fridge freezer on back order and I wasn't willing to wait weeks or months.

    The misdirected delivery thing has happened to me recently too. An Amazon third-party seller (selling garden furniture) who sent a tracking number to an item that got delivered to "Docklands, London". Must be a scam of some sort but no idea why they'd send a parcel to the wrong location! (edited)
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    Live and learn. Good heads up.
    I got caught for £30 by scam company through not going to trustpilot. Kicking myself to this day (edited)
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    Just tried to access H&A Appliances website and google can't reach it anymore, hopefully this means action has/is been taken against this scam company. Though they may have just taken it down themselves and it may re-appear under another new name (Trustpilot reviews suggest it may have traded under 'geappliances' at some point).

    Please be vigilant, and remember... if a price seems too good to be true (compared to competitors), then it probably is.
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    Strangely, their VAT number is legitimate.
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    hmmmm if they are stealing other peoples images and using different address could that not be reported to trading standards maybe?
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    Put your feet up and leave the hard work to us. We offer free installation service for any order submitted on our website...
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    No doubt they will be changing company again 
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    Think so
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    Thanks for this post. Just found a deal that was too good to be true and nearly pulled the trigger.
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