Heads up info for people who purchased or have the DVD player models with a USB socket & who own a USB 2.5 Hard Drive

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Found 21st Dec 2009
I purchased one of the HDs below and formated from NTFS to FAT32 with Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2009 Professional Edition...I put some divx movies on it after formating and plugged it in the USB socket on the DVD player....Way and behold it showed up and started playing! So now i have a 250gb hard drive to choose from instead of using USB flash memory dongle pens.

Maxtor Basics 250GB External USB Hard Drive £29.99 - Sainsburys Instore Only


Suprised you just figured this out...



Suprised you just figured this out...


I thought this was what the drives were made for!

wow, welcome to 2009 love, you're a wee bit slow with the info but cheers anyways :thumbsup:

well i never

The future is here people.
You heard it here first!

You're kidding - are you telling me that I don't have to use a small USB drive, but can infact use a large USB drive? Nice, I'm surprised no one else has done this.

Oh my...

Ric Romero reporting.......

Original Poster


Suprised you just figured this out...

I just thought i would help people out who did nt know you can use a HARD DRIVE inside of the USB Memory pens. I certainly did nt know you could plug a hard drive into the usb socket on a dvd player....I thought it was only for the flash memory pens.

I posted the info so people knew it will only work as a drive formated as FAT...

If you already knew how to do this then good on ur...:thumbsup:
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