Heads Up: Kinect XBOX1 S/X PC Adapter worth £54.00 Cash or £76.00 voucher at CEX.

Found 18th FebEdited by:"deleted57959"
If like me when you upgraded you XB1 to an S model MS were giving away for free.. Kinect Adapter cables..

Kinect 2 used to have so many great applications, until MS decided to drop all support and remove all the good features like Snapping in game etc.. as such it basically left my Kinect gathering dust on top of my TV.

Well upon checking CEX they are paying £54.00 just for the cable, thought it was worth letting people know as no point hanging onto dead technology.


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Scalpers in my area are way ahead of you on this one - there’s more wanted/looking for posts on fb marketplace than there are of people actually selling t
Sucks if you actually want one though - I have some friends who've bought a One S for Christmas and thought the Kinect would just work with it as 'all accessories work'. Such a joke
deleted5795918th Feb

I agree, I manage to get one for free, well two in fact as I upgraded two …I agree, I manage to get one for free, well two in fact as I upgraded two consoles. but very unfair for those who wanted to carry the Kinect over, but to be fair Kinect doesn't do much anymore.I always felt they should of released an external microphone and kpet all the voice control and snap features.

We use Kinect every day and are so frustrated by the reducing of commands over time. It's still perfect for quick things - turning on; signing into the right account; play pause etc
Have sold 4 on eBay in the past 6months, £80 each. Sell when the £1 promo is on
Gave mine to my mate for his daughter
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