Posted 16th May 2018
I've just received a call on my mobile from a Blackpool landline number. 01253 484024. The lady took a few seconds for the call to click in then spoke that fast I couldn't understand. She also had an foreign accent as did all the other people I could hear in the background.

Asked if I am Mrs....... I didn't answer but asked her what she was calling about. She said she's calling to tell me my broadband prices are going down next month and all calls and messages are going to be free as well as extras. She made it sound super exciting! I asked her how she knew it was going to be cheaper? She said the same crap again. I said but how do you know, she then said she's part of the broadband company I am with. I said so what company is that then? And she said well you live in ....... so it's........ . I laughed slightly and she said you do live in ........ don't you? I said no and she hung up.
She tried getting me to confirm details of my personal information which I have to say she had it all correct. I didn't tell her that though.

I then rang my broadband company and asked them if they have a spoof/scam line that I can report it to and she gave me the number for action fraud. She said she thinks this is a new scam thing but as they were purporting to be from the same company it is a crime.

so I've just rang the action fraud line and reported the number and what happened. No doubt they will be ringing many people so don't confirm any details they have on you! Im not sure what she was planning on doing but I'm sure it was only going to be bad.

The number is 01253 484024 and nothing came up on google when I searched for it. Thought I'd give you all a heads up add it to your phone and block it.
I do sometimes get these kind of calls and normally just lead them on then block them but this was different. She was point blank pretending to be from my broadband company which is a lie.
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