headset needed asap

    Hiya there, i use a trust headset normally for msn chatting calling people from my msn phone however son just ripped the wire out so need new headset with mic asap for as cheap as poss like under a fiver if poss. needs to be able to be used on msn chat etc


    Rubbish headset - I got one!

    You pay for what you get I believe with Headsets!

    nah get a strong one, i paid £20 for a logitech one which first snapped and then the sound went bust. perhaps go for a senheiser one, or whatever they are called. they have good reputation.

    It was under a fiver! :giggle:

    wow those are "free" headphones lol. nice one birdyboyuk

    Original Poster

    only need some to keep us going for now is that sava place safe

    I've used them before and seem pretty good to me! Im not sure if they send this £2.99 stuff second class tho...:thinking:

    I took birdys advice a while back and went ahead and got one of these. Does the job if you ask me. Pretty chuffed to be honest for only £2.99 what more do you want?

    Go for it yummymummy!

    Only thing i would say is it made me laugh when they arrived in an A4 envelope lol!!! You get what you pay for i suppose
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