Headset that won't break the bank...ps4

    Been a long time since I have purchased a headset for gaming. I am after something with good sound quality that can plug into my ps4 pad. I won't be talking to anyone so mic not required.



    I got these from cex 4 months ago really good sound and u use the Bluetooth dongle to connect it too ps4, also there's a app for the ps4 for the headset to make sound even better…735

    there are some turtlebeach avengers headsets in Smyths for less then £20. I got them for £10 when they were on offer, but I think they are a little bit more now, but I have no issues with them

    Official 2.0 headset. Its amazing quality for sound. Drawback is the hinges are plastic garbage (thanks sony). Horror stories of these snapping put me off but i took the plunge and they are very good for the price. I put then back in the box when im done and no probs so far. If youre the type to smash them down in anger then ignore this post theyll be knackered in a week if you look after your stuff ul struggle to get better sound for the price

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    Thanks. I will treat it well. It is basically for when my little one goes to bed, I want sound quality. I mainly play single player. Would also be used for Blu ray etc.

    HyperX cloud

    I got these about 8 months ago, very light usage but I'm happy them for listening and comms. I'm no audiophile though.…668
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