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I would like to purchase headphones for my Dad for watching the telly so he doesnt need to have it blasting, but this would mean i would need to get two so my step mum could watch tv. whats the best way to do this?

two headphones
jack splitter
cable extenders???

is there a wireless solution??

any help would be appreciated and if theres any bargains even better. TIA


My father has a similar issue. We got him some Sony wireless headphones, which have their own independent volume control so he can have them on and mute the television if no one else is watching. Alternatively, he can have them on and listen through his headphones whilst anybody else in the room can listen to the output from the television at normal volume. He has used this setup for at least 5 or 6 years now and I think his current headset is the one in the following link.

Shame ur stepmom is also going to end up deaf X)

You should be able to have the tv volume on through speakers for your step mum to hear while your dad has headphones. You can stop the tv muting when you plug in headphones. Options in settings. We can separate the volumes to,so headphones volume and TV volume are separate. This has been an option on many tvs for years. See if you have it

We'd need to know make/model of tv and/or the output options of the tv

Some tv's come with an output option that allows for the normal speakers to be used whilst speaker connection is in use and most don't
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thanks guys for helping model number of the TV is Panasonic TX-P46S10B

I'm looking to see if there is instructions to have a headset plug in and also play audio, how do i find out??

All the panosonic plasma tvs have the same menu options. Is easy to get to the audio settings. Having a look into it i am reminded that the headphone volume is separate from the tv volume already. Plugging headphones in the tv will not mute the tv speakers. To adjust the volume on TV just change as normal with remote but this will not effect the headphone volume. To change headphone volume press the menu button... Top left under the off button on remote, select sound. Select Headphone volume and adjust. So basically you have 2 volumes controls. The normal TV volume and another by pressing menu, sound, headphone volume.
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