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rite i hope u can understand all this.
ok, i have a headset which i use on msn to do video talks etc. but at the moment i have it so that when they speak back it comes thro the speaker rather than my headset. My partner likes to listen to music on the comp so says hes not happy bout keep pulling the comp out and changing the things in the back so that i can have the sound coming thro headset one min then speakers next (hope ur all still following!!!) so is there nething like in the control panel that makes it so that say when im on msn i click "sound thro headset" then when ive finished put it back to speakers?????

hopefully there is and hopefully u all understand!!!

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I think you might have to get an audio splitter.

They cost maybe 50p ... lol

this way, you can talk in the headset and turn your speaker volume down
or listen to music via speakers and turn the headset volume down.

best solution i can think of

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where from?…ics

New and used from £0.01 hehe

I also suggest popping to maplins and asking at their counter at the back of the store

Doesn't that automatically cut off the audio to the speakers once plugged in [any jack plug that is]?

Using that device would basically mean sound always comes out of both the headphones and speakers. If there's an inline volume control on both items though you're in business!

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how wud i kno if i had this inline thing
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