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Found 5th Dec 2007
hi all,

Having injured my leg (not at work) I am going through some rough times. MY job requires me to travel abroad a lot and I need a laptop for the job. I have requested for a lighter machine as the ones I have is too heavy and is giving me difficulties.

My work is refusing to get me anything lighter (they have plenty of money but are very stingy). They require medical evidence for permanent damage but this will take time as I need to get xrays etc done. I have already given them a hospital letter for when the incident happened.

Are there any health and safety laws for offices which could help ? So far I have refused to keep working with the current machine.

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no one can help ?
Occupational Health should be able to help.
Regardless of wether they are stingy employers still have to abide by current and relevant health and safety requirements. They should provide you with a comfortable and at best risk free working enviroment when caring out your day to day duties. In addition to this, if your injury causes you significant suffering and impairment outside of work i.e home life either temporary or permanent you should also be covered by the DDA (Disability Discriminations Act) in this instance I believe it is upto the employer, where possible to make a reasonable adjustment. So providing a lighter laptop in order for you to work without loss of concentration and/or additional pain and suffering should be acceptable.
(This is not in a nasty way) ... but how does injuring your leg affect you carrying a laptop in your arms/bag/rucksack etc? Or have I missed something?
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