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    Hi Guys,
    does anyone know how long you should stay away from work for,
    if you have sickness and skitters and work with food ?
    my OH phoned her boss suffering and was told ,stay away for 48 hours.
    Then he phones her back saying "take a week off and send in a sick line"because you work with food..


    Till your savings run out?

    Original Poster

    thanx Kjbenja
    its a small shop that sometimes sells filled rolls,
    im trying to find something offical to print off
    last time she was ill it was 48hrs but now the shop is quiet they say seven days
    then they dont need to pay her,just had her hours cut a few weeks ago,,(i smell a rat)

    For ever!

    when I did my food safety course last year was told 48 hours.

    most places are 48 hrs from when you was last sick or skitters (as you put it)

    yeah it is normally 48 hours from when you were last sick or had the runs, id say you have been to the docs and they said 48 is fine ans she doesnt need to take the full week off.

    Depends on their policy. It is however normally 48 hours free of symptoms we require of an employer.
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