Healthy Pets Insurance - Massive Hike in Premiums

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Found 26th Aug 2010
Just had my annual renewal for my 7 year old Dalmatian and its increased from £243 year to £648. When I rang them they said it was down to the mass number of individual claims last year even though I've not made any claims. This is really unfair, how can they justify a massive £400 increase on my policy in just one year? I'm more convinced it's because my dog has turned seven and maybe now she's more prone to getting an illness?

Just another case off rip off British Insurance for loyal customers. Safe to say they will not be getting my money this year or ever again.

Any members of Healthy Pets Pet Insurance - Stand by for your renewal notice and major increases.

Any advice on where to get a good deal on pet insurance for a seven year old dog will be much appreciated.


my dog is only 3 but Churchill pet insurance was cheapest for us £7.71/month and £35 quidco cashback

also at 7 your dog is becoming more of a risk as he/she gets older

Try Homebase pet insurance - don't let the name put you off, it's underwritten by the same people who underwrite The Kennel Club pet insurance and the cover on the premium (I wouldn't do the basic on any pet insurance tbh) is excellent, better I found than M&S who I was with previously who were also excellent. £20 cashback for the homebase pet insurance too.

Its the way the insurance market works. You are locked in so you either pay or take a risk and dont pay. If you dont pay and then need cover you either pay from your pocket or go without treatment.

Its an example of why it would be so life changing for so many if the public stay quiet and let the government privatise the health service.

With any form of insurance just how often have you known premiums to work on a downward trend or even to increase at just the rate of inflation.

All insurance premiums have risen dramatically this year.

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Thanks for the replies. I know insurance rises year on year but it's a massive leap to go up by £400 when you haven't claimed.

I will be checking other companies out over the next few days.


When checking insurance make sure it covers conditions for life, most just pay out for 12 months no good when they get a condition they can have for life !

We are with halifax pet insurance they are very cheap for our cat


we have a 18 month old pomeranian, when we first had her insured by healthy pets it was £110 and we didnt make a claim and this year it went up to £260, we rang and they said the same thing that there has been an increase in vet prices.

I'm with Healthy Pets so I'll wait for mine which is due end of Septembe and my dog's now 7 years oldr.Mine went up £50 last year and when I queried it they said it was because they had had auditors in and they said they werent charging enough!


Get it put down it will be cheaper. My Mum has loads of pets if they get sick she shoots it then eats them for supper.
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