Heart Rate Monitor

    Want one of these to use with the treadmill down the gym.

    I've got no idea about what to look out for or what models to go for.

    I don't really want an expensive top of the range one but i don't really want a flimpsy cheap piece of plop either.

    Got a budget of about 50 quid.

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated.



    Asked the husband who said: he started off with a basic Sigma one which was fine - it had the ability to set 'training zones' but you could turn off the audio warning when outside those zones which he thought was important cause you don't want it beeping all the time! He has since upgraded to a Polar one cause he wanted more training zones and data collection that synchs with the PC but was more expensive (£100+).

    The Sigma one was approx £45 from Ebay (model now obsolete). You could also try the cycle shops (Evans, Wiggle, Chain Reaction Cycles) - don't forget Quidco at Evans!


    I have had several Polar HRM and all have been very reliable and robust.

    Have used these suppliers before (they price match as well) and they have been reliable. Basic Polar model is about £30:


    As a minimum I would think you want one that as the ability to define a training zone, so you can set a target and work within it, a large display so you can quickly glance at the watch to see what it is reading, and some ability to recall your training, for instance time spent execising, time in "zone", max HR, avg HR. The chest strap should be wireless, and ideally coded so if someone on the next treadmill has the same watch you won't pick up their HR!! If you are only using it in the gym this should be adequate.

    If you are going to use it while out running, on a bike, or while racing you might want something more sophisticated, but the price then hikes up.


    slightly over your £50 budget, but seems a good price:

    Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor - £55

    New, provides all the essential feautures for running - a good choice for your first running computer.

    [*]ECG accurate heart rate (%/bpm)
    [*]Average Heart rate
    [*]Owncal, Calorie expenditure
    [*]Owncode, coded transmission
    [*]Laps with recall (lap, split, avg. HR info)
    [*]Time of day[/LIST]]http//ww…tor

    Original Poster

    Yea the RS100 looks like a good quality entry level monitor

    I'm gonna go for that one

    Thank you all for you help, greatly appreciated.

    Edit: 1 more question Eric, how does the link with the treadmill work?

    Thanks again mate (added some rep for you)


    Yea the RS100 looks like a good quality entry level monitorI'm gonna go … Yea the RS100 looks like a good quality entry level monitorI'm gonna go for that oneThank you all for you help, greatly appreciated.Edit: 1 more question Eric, how does the link with the treadmill work?Thanks again mate (added some rep for you)

    If the treadmill is compatible, it will pick up the wireless signal from the chest strap so you would have a heart rate readout on your watch and on the treadmill. Not all treadmills support this function however, so you would have to check at your gym. You don't have to wear the HR watch on your wrist, you can always place it on the treatmill so you can see it all the time without having to look at your wrist.
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