Heart Rate Monitors

    I hope this is posted in the right place, if not please direct me to the correct place

    I'm looking to buy a heart rate monitor, but i'm not sure what would be the best, does anyone here use one or recommend one.

    There are some posted in the deals section but to be honest i'm not sure what i'm looking at, are they all the same sort of thing is one the same as the other!!!

    Any help/suggestions would be gratefully received.


    i got one from boots a couple of months ago, as they were half price then. im not sure if they still are.
    but i looked and asked the about them.
    there were cheaper options that are heart rate monitors on th wrist, but these are less accurate than the other more expensive ones that use the arm. boots do there own brand ones that were also alot cheaper than the branded ones.


    I went for a Polar - they are not cheap but very good/seem to be the most recommended/regarded as the best. Be careful of the monitors without chest straps, with these you often have to push your fingers onto sensors on the unit to get a reading - not easy to do while exercising!

    [*]If you are in a gym most equipment is compatible with the Polar chest straps to vary your work out.
    [*]They are ECG accurate and waterproof (the chest strap and unit can be used while swimming).
    [*]They have very good features including diaries and you can upload all of this to internet and keep a record of what you have done.
    [*]They use digital signal so if you are in the gym you dont get interference from other users

    Service is good from Polar - remember what every you buy sweat is corrosive - rinse everything well after use. I didnt and my strap corroded, Polar charges £10 for a new one which seems reasonable to me.

    I agree with Mosschops - I also have a Polar HRM.

    It's compatible with all the kit in the gym that I use, and if I'm not on a machine the watch display is clear & easy enough to see.

    Do NOT get one that is just the watch - it is impossible to exercise while pressing 2 fingers on the watch. If you get an HRM that works via a chest band then you get a continuous readout, which is what you really need if you're using an HRM properly.

    Original Poster

    Thats great!! thanks for all the info, i'll have a good look in the highstreet tomorrow, at least I know a bit more about what i'm looking for now. I thought all HRM came with the chest strap :oops:

    the one from Lloyds Chemist is pretty good and for the price [about £15] it is good value.
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