Heat in Deals section showing in wrong places!!


    Maybe it is just me and my pc but when I look at the heat ratings for the Deals section, I find that the heat showing for that deal is wrong.

    When I look at the list, it shows the newest deal as having no heat rating then the next listing has the heat rating for the one above it!! Am i making sense?? Hope so. How do I sort this out?? When I click on the deal, it shows the right heat rating!…hot Hope this shows what I mean!

    Any help please?


    That page displays correctly for me with the heat labels in the right position for the relating deal.

    CTRL + F5 should fix it, i had the same problem

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    CTRL + F5 should fix it, i had the same problem

    Fixed! Thank you so much. Rep added. :thumbsup:
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