Heat powered stove fan

    Thinking of buying a heat powered fan that sits on top of a multi-fuel burner for my mothers lounge.
    They say that they blow a lot of the heat in to the room that would otherwise just go up the chimney. There is plenty of space above the stove and if they work as well as described then that would be great.
    Are they as good as described and can anyone recommend one to me.


    This is correct, they are very good at throwing the heat around the room. I have one and I bought my parents one as it makes a great difference. I think I paid £50 online for one well worth it!…Dmw

    They don't stop the heat going up the chimney they just help distribute the heat better in the room.

    I've got this one, it was totally worth it at £50, for £35 it's a great buy…4DQ

    It's worth checking your local Aldi as they had them on offer a few weeks back for £25.

    Might still be some of these knocking about

    Or, build your own, very steam punk and they work very well.…qpY
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