Heat Pump Tumble dryer, under combi boiler

Posted 3rd Jan 2023 (Posted 8 h, 17 m ago)
Hi All!

Does anyone know if placing a heat pump tumble dryer directly under a combi boiler is a big NO-NO?

Maybe im being overly cautious by asking but obviously anything near a gas appliance carries a risk which I'd like to minimise.

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    Provided you follow the instructions about leaving a ventilation gap above and below each appliance it should be fine. Both should have shielding against harm from the other.

    I have a microwave directly below my boiler in the kitchen. Roughly a 30cm gap from top of microwave to bottom of boiler. No problem after 20+ years.
    Thanks for the reply!
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    Lots of homes have a gas stove very close to the boiler too.
    Thanks for the reply!
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    Zero issue, Might even be beneficial as it'll recycle the warmer air from the boiler and dry your cloathes quicker etc..
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    Bad idea, it's been known that having a heat pump dryer in the vicinity of a boiler creates some sort of chemical reaction that causes your dryer to start melting. It was found after some very expensive scientific study that using a standard dryer was a much safer option and significantly reduced any associated risk
    My heat pump tumble driver is next to my boiler (oil fired) and it's been there for 16 or 17 years. Still going strong, no melting, no one died and no very expensive scientific studies that I know of.
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