Heat Sensitive Mugs

    anyone know anywhere that does Heat Sensitive mugs?

    I am looking for a secret Santa Gift for work with £5 spend and thought it would be a good idea

    A mug that heats up and the picture changes is all I'm after, or something similar would suffice


    Looking for Secret Santa "Gits" ? I could name a few

    I got some in Tiger.

    I've seen these, i know its not the right price range but it's an example!…ug/

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    Looking for Secret Santa "Gits" ? I could name a few

    luckily this year its not for a git, its actually for a lovely 23 year old girl, don't want to get her anything saucy as just want something funny but pracctical

    How about one of those Parrots (or Bears or Santas ) that repeat back what you say to them - they are in the secret Santa price range - not sure who sells them on the High street though .

    Half bottle of vodka should do the trick.…=MM

    Might be too much money for secret santa though MUG30 takes 30% off for another 24 hours I think.

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    What about mine? It's a paperweight and fridge magnet also.

    Saw at least one in Clintons there may have been more. The one I noticed was a Pacman one.
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