Posted 3 December 2023

Heated Gilet

Looking to purchase a heated gilet at a fair price, I've had the cheep ones off ebay/amazon, resulting in being disappointed in the quality and sizing! Ended up with a milwaukee one, which as been great but was £120!
Looking for a decent offer for my son, without spending a fortune or buying rubbish! Suggestions please..
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    The various ones being sold on Amazon and the like are all available on the cheap chinese sites for a fraction of the price you can buy it in the UK (after all it's where the stores selling them are getting them from). Cut out the middle man.

    Mine was sourced after settling on one selling in the UK (based on reviews) and after choosing it I sourced the same one for under half the price direct. Still going strong after 3 winters
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    Could you DM me the link please?
  2. Ferris's avatar
    I need one of these too, but some of these eBay images don't exactly inspire confidence in their safety...

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    If it does catch fire, it's as described so can't complain.
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    I got loads of different ones for myself and family from Amazon warehouse and many failed but this one is really good and adaptable size too
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    I added a comment here with a link but it was deleted.

    I ordered one from a chinese company (not ALI) for £21, it is heated in 17 places. Have not received it yet but thought for that price it is worth a go. Should receive within 14 days so well before all the bad weather kicks in. (edited)
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