Heathrow parking help. I am a new driver and i need to pick my mother from the airoirt.

Found 5th Dec 2014
Hi I just recently passed and I have to pick my mother from the airport on sunday at 16:00 in terminal 4.
I need help to find the cheapest parking deals and generally any tips. Thanks


Tell her to get on an Avis bus and pick her up from their depot.

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Shes 72 years old, I believe she will not be able to do that as I must carry her luggage and everything

If you can, get her to ring you when she's at baggage claim. Then drive to Terminal 4 and go to the pick up point. You will probably have a charge of about £4 to pay if you time it right.

Tell her to wait for you by the Costa Coffee shop, can't miss it. Wait 45 minutes after the flight lands, and then enter the car park, situated on the drop off level on the upper ramp, Park the car on the ground floor if you can, walk across and meet your mother. Car park fee is £3.00 for 30 minutes. If she's not very fast on her feet, you may want to wait an hour before you enter the car park, that way you should be able to get out within the 30 minutes.

Where are you driving from? If an hour or so away, I'd leave an hour before she is due to land. 4 isn't a good time but the traffic is worse on a weekday, so you should be okay.
Google Maps is handy with live traffic. Could save you around half an hour around those roads, on the way there and back.
Park near the elevator if you can't park on the ground floor, it'll be easier for her.
Costa Coffee is directly opposite Arrivals. If she's out before you get there, tell her to take a seat there an wait.
Not easy with all the roundabouts and signs at night time so have a look on Maps to get a general idea of the area.

Long term car park at terminal four is free for the first two hours, with regular shuttle bus to and from the terminal

Link to info - see the section on pick up and drop off at the bottom of the page. heathrowairport.com/tra…ing

Haven't tried long stay parking as robertsclark is suggesting, would try it next time.

But I asked my friend to wait in Costa Coffee, used short stay (right opposite the terminal) , paid for half an hour, was enough time to get them.
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