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Heavily reduced Turkeys @ M&S (Kempston)

Posted 27th Dec 2019
Massive amount of massively reduced massive turkeys, loads seen at M&S Kempston assuming nationwide until all gone. Very high quality and great
for shift workers celebrating a few days late
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    Arto27/12/2019 19:03

    Who would spend £77 on a turkey?

    Retired people
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    Nice find
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    My local had tons earlier also (Newtownabbey, N.Ireland), actually surprised for how many they had. Though all just down to the £20 mark, but chatting to a few staff and they said they would drop nearer to closing time as the ones on Boxing day went for £4.
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    Just what I need , more turkey
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    Got one in bluewater £50 down to £16, all ready for new year
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    Loads at team valley today
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    Who would spend £77 on a turkey?
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