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Hello & Merry Christmas to all.

I am looking to buy my first heavy bag and looking for some advice on the subject.

I would class myself as a heavy weight, 6ft 4" weighing around 25st, aged 24.

I've heard you should buy a heavy bag around half your weight, which would mean a 175lb heavy bag. Is that too much for a 'novice'? Bearing in mind I have a little bit of experience, I boxed at a gym for a year or so when I was 16 and have had a few lessons over the years from my uncle who is a boxing coach and an ex semi-pro. (but were mainly sparring and never really using a bag)

I have all the other equipment, gloves/wraps etc. I would much prefer to start learning in the comfort of my own home, rather than going to a gym straight away.

I don't really have a set budget but looking for some advice from others who have experience in this.

Weight?: What weight would be ideal for me? I would say I pack a big punch but don't want the bag to be super hard to move, also don't want it swaying massively with the slightest of taps
Height?: I've seen ones from 3ft to 6ft, what is the difference? What is best for me?
Brand?: Any preferences or are they all the same really?
Filling?: I'd never really heard of a water filled bag before I started researching and there seems to be a few variations, hard fill, shredder fiber fill, soft fill etc. What is going to be a good long lasting bag?

Cheers for any advice everyone!


Why not ask your Uncle - it sounds like he'd know exactly what he was talking about?

Original Poster

I'd like a wider range of opinions if at all possible, MrSpooniverse?

My uncle boxed in a very different class (Welterweight) and what suits him, will not suit myself.

Is there any one else who can give me a little more help?

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