Heavy Rain

    Has anyone actiually gotthe trophy for every single ending?
    If so how many hours did you have to put in?


    im halfway through my second play!

    1 ending with the massive plot holes and the "wait I didn't even do that ****" was enough for me.

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    I played through twice, and then when i thought about all diff endings i thoufght thiss will take a good 10 at very least play throughs

    i played it through twice, then couldnt be bothered any more after that, Not for trophys, but to see different things happen.

    I also, remember there being some very big plot holes, but i am not suprised, i can imagine how complicated this was to make. And i tried to not let this spoil the game for me.

    I've got platinum on this. Didn't take too long as you don't have to replay it right from the start to get some of the other endings.

    Have a look on for a guide/strategy

    I got it too, maybe took an extra hour as I followed a guide like stated above, good to see it play out in different ways


    Played it through once and sold it. Over-rated IMO.

    i have platted this a few times...simple love the game. if u follow the first playthrough to get perfect crime trophy, rest of the endings can be done fairly quickly...2 hours at the most for the rest. U gotta check the guide for it tho. I recommend the one.
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