Hedge Shears

Posted 28th Jun 2020

Can anyone recommend a decent quality set of strong hedge shears?

All the ones I’ve bought and also looked at in most of the diy sheds seem to be such poor quality as in they bend, they are pretty blunt etc.

Thanks for your help 😁
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Fiskars hedge shears are the best I've ever used. You'll need to clean them occasionally and sharpen with a stone.
I use Draper Wavy Edge hedge shears, had the same set for about 10 years, agree with @radium make sure to clean them to remove any sap that gets stuck, it soon gums up the blades.
I have one of these screwed to the van door to make sure I keep them sharp, I've never got used to using a stone - usually end up blunter than when I started.
Spear and Jackson
+1 for Fiskars. Light and really sharp.
Thanks for the recommendations ... and the advice around sharpening them/cleaning them... the cleaning I have to admit I never have done so I’ll make sure I do in future. 🏻
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