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Found 21st Apr
I have a 12 ft long 5 ft high bushes.. can you please suggest a good hedge trimmer or a good deal please?

Also, there are small grass/weeds coming between garden tiles. What’s best way to get rid of that ? Garden brush ?

Thank you garden experts!
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Small hedge - hand shearers.
Paving - any weed killer. Aldi do a reasonably priced weed killer.
Garden tiles, weed killer, salty water , Bleach.
If using bleach check on a small area first that it doesn't discolour the slabs.
There’s a Phillips nose trimmer you can use on the bush without schaffing
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I’d probably get myself an electric cordless hedge trimmer for that (handshears take too long) Bosch do some good ones. If you prefer something that will last a while on that hedge (as batteries only have limited lifespans) have a look at a mountfield petrol hedge trimmer.

In terms of your tiles get a residual weedkiller as it means you’ll only have to treat them every 6 months as it prevent the weeds growing back for up to 6 months. Cheap weedkillers kill the weeds but then new ones come back in no time at all.

If you have pets (cats/dogs/rabbits/etc) be careful of weedkiller.
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If you go for a petrol hedge trimmer, I'd suggest getting the shaft multi-tool sort (strimmer/bushcutter/hedge trimmer/pruner) as you can use it with a harness to help support the weight of the engine.

This type of thing (although not necessarily this model as the engine looks like it will be on the heavy side) :- aldi.co.uk/gar…Cxg

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How is this for a cordless one?

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