Hedstrom 13ft Trampoline enclosure - Know where I can get one?

    Got let down by Empire on the enclosure.
    The trampoline has got to be delivered before I can send it back(??) so the nice lady at customer services said.
    Just a last resort really, anyone know where I can get hold of an enclosure cheap that will fit the Hedstrom 13ft Trampoline?
    Failing that, do you know of any good deals for a 12/13ft trampoline?

    Thanks for your help, I love you Hotdealers!!!!


    Found it for £90 (gasp) on a few websites...I'm guessing this is a bit too much to pay as it would probably be cheaper to buy the whole package elsewhere?

    P.S Out of that your eye?

    off the top of my head, i know woolies had 12ft for 120 as a package, maybe still on.

    edit: not on anymore

    Original Poster

    £120 for a 12FT with enclosure would have been fab, nevermind.
    The cheapest I can find is about £80 for the Hedstrom enclosure.
    Thanks for your help though guys.:thumbsup:

    P.S. Your eye is the window to your soul. . . . . . . . (and no, mine are grey/blue!):p

    the woolies deal will be back on in a few weeks if you can wait. summer
    in 18 days, all the prices will drop

    Original Poster

    They do have a deal on at the mo but it isn't as good. S*ds law i'll get one and then they'll go down! Need it for a birthday at begining of April, so can't wait too long.
    Thanks for your help though.
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