any one seen any on offer, im after boys ones in a size 4, the eldest has decided he needs some for christmas!! cheers folks!


    hi the toyshop have some reduced from nearly £60 to under £30 go on [url][/url] and type in heelys in the search box.

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    i forgot to mention i need the two wheeled ones, will have alook there now!

    They are doing heeley's in smyths toyshop they are available online as well £10.00 A PAIR
    I got some for my daughter 1 wheel and 1 for my son 2 wheels all colours and sizes.
    reduced from £110.00.
    Hope this helps just joined so i could tell you this address is [url][/url]

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    just had a look and could only see one wheeled at 14.99, what were yours called? cheers!

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    sorry how rude, i forgot to say a big thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    got some off ebay.... doh why didnt i look there in the first place!!! thanks anway
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