never bought these.... was thinking of getting a pair from john lewis for 30 quid for my 5 year old....

    jus wondering is it wrth it...will a five year old be ok with son isnt the most adventourous of kids and i rmbr byuying him some skates but he was dead scared and i returend them....

    watchya think?


    In my opinion I think they are bad for kids feet.
    The few kids I have seen skating around on them look ok while skating but when they try and walk they look really uncomfortable. I think because the heel seem high!
    I have two kids 4 and 5(and a half) and I would not get them any.....probs also because youngest would probably break a bone or something :thumbsup:

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    All depends on the child really, some 5 year olds wizz up and down in them round by us.

    However when mine was 5 we would not get her any because we just knew it would end in an accident.

    As you have already said they were scared of skates so I imagine Heely's would be the same.

    Your instinct will tell you what is right, it is not just age related.


    TBH looks cool Magic ....

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    thanks insticts tell me the idea is good but will be a waste of money as he will run screaming after taking one fall in them!

    will give it a miss!!

    haha dell u wanna pair?!

    I've got four kids. My 9 year old got them first when he was about 7 and a half and after two weeks got the hang of them and has loved them ever since. They're very different to skates and are much easier to ride in. I think it must be because you have a much larger surface to balance on (even though the rollers are tiny underneath) and also of course you can brake by using them as trainers and walking in them - you don't get sudden stops! My two younger ones only took a week to get used to them as they had the double wheel version which is easier to use. And finally my ten year old who is a bit of a wimp when it comes to falling over - I thought she'd never be brave enough or able enough (not being especially sporty) but one week later she was away in them. They really are easy to learn to ride. And they all love them to bits. They are used constantly. Good exercise for the kids too. I would highly recommend them as they are easier than skates, two shoes in one (skate and trainer) look cool and are great fun. One point though - always buy them one UK size bigger than your usual shoe size. Ie if you're a 3, get a 4. And if you're worried about safety, let him wear a helmet and pads. :-D

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    thanks cucmber x


    if you could see my son (age6) on a pair of roller skates or even a scooter, you would deffo understand that some kids really have no idea - lol

    my 8 year old has a pair, she loves them, only thing she dont like is the fact shes growing out of them, as for danger, no different than being on skates/skateboard/bike, its about them learning to use them safely, and as a parent providing the appropriate pads/helmet

    but its down to you to know your child, they are all different and if he is unlikely to get on with them then dont waste your money

    Have you checked out this site:…spx

    Pretty reasonable? Or check out Ebay as they're going quite cheap now?
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