Heelys - Do boys wear these???

Found 28th Apr 2007
I have only ever seen girls in these. Do boys have them? or are they only cool for girls?
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I have a pair,, they match my tutu...
now why can i picture that!!!!!!!!!!
Umm.. No our age group don't wear these.. but the youngen's do..
younguns as in how old?
I had a pair when I was 17 a few years ago. They were imported, I had them back before all the kids had them.

Now the 6 - 14 year olds get them, I won't wear them!

younguns as in how old?

Umm.. mostly 3-12 year olds.. nobody i know above 13 wears/has them
They're totally dangerous and a bit sad......
Many people have asked where you can get them, the answer is in bins outside hospitals.

They're totally dangerous and a bit sad......

depends how you see it, no more dangerous than skates etc imo

also i thinks its down to the parent to ensure correct safety equiptment is used and that they are used responsibly :thumbsup:
Yes, boys do wear them. Like the one I shouldered out of my way in the supermarket this morning. Little ****. :-D
I've seen boys wearing them.
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