Heineken Offers?


    I am on the lookout for my xmas booze just now.

    Just about to pop off to Sainsbury's and get the 2 x 1 Litre bottle of spirit for £20.

    However I am looking for a good deal on heineken lager (my favourite) but I cannot find any. Normally I get the wee 330ml cans (the Dutch imported ones).
    Anybody know any good deals???????

    I will probably end up with the wife beater (sorry stellar) deal at Morrisons otherwise (48 cans for £20)

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    I could bottle my urine for you if you like :-D

    Only joking......I'm sure the big supermarkets will be having a promo on pretty much all beers in the next couple of weeks.....hold tight :thumbsup:
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