Hekp needed.....bioshock!!!!!!!!

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Found 29th Aug 2008
im on the last boss on bioshock but just cant beat him at all!!

has anybody got any tips - really wana finish it now!!



i saved all the little sisters and they came to help me at the end

my tactic was to just attack him with every weapon i had & use the upgrades which inflict fire,electrify him or freeze him

yeah, basically use all the hig end weapons liek the RPG, mines then use every bullet you can

did you get most of the weapon upgrades along the way?

it was ages ago since i played it but i didnt save any of the little sisters and defeated him. didnt really have any tactics though just kept moving about and shooting him with freeze and biggest weapons. I was really disappointed once i killed him cos its a good game lol

its very easy, just use the hot and cold weapons (been a while since i played so cant remember what they are lol) till they run out, when he goes back to the chair go and collect some dna and then run off again and wait for him, try and take out his minions and then get him again, just keep collecting the dna, its fairly easy unless your on super hard mode

Oh and when he comes at you just side step and fire at him

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just completed it

thanks **** for that - I hate leaving a game unfinished

bit disappointed with the ending tho



just completed itthanks **** for that - I have leaving a game … just completed itthanks **** for that - I have leaving a game unfinishedbit disappointed with the ending tho

great game but your right ending was pants
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