Helep PSP 3000 or PSP 3003

Found 25th Nov 2008
Can anyone help

What's the difference between these and which one is best
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Psp 3003 is the newer version - has a better screen; HD was mentioned whether that meant it is a HD or looks like HD I'm not sure! plus it has a micrcphone built in. Think they are the only differences
thats great cheers
"PSP-3000" is the Sony product code for the third series of the PlayStation Portable handheld console. It is also known as the "PSP Brite" or the "PSP Slim & Brite"..

"PSP-3003" is the reference for the model for sale in the UK.

* PSP3000 - Japan
* PSP3001 - USA
* PSP3002 - Australia
* PSP3003 - United Kingdom
* PSP3004 - Europe, Middle East, & Africa
* PSP3005 - Korea
* PSP3006 - Hong Kong
* PSP3007 - Taiwan
* PSP3008 - Russia
* PSP3009 - China

The same convention was used for the "PSP-2000" series (the "Slim & Lite" model), and the original "PSP-1000" series (the "Phat" or "Phat & Heavy" model).


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