hey all its mummyspam.

    missed me???

    my kitchen was fitted yesterday by betta living and i couldnt be more excited.. its fab and pink!!!!

    hows everyone??

    i been having braxton hicks bad last two days, well i guess im 37 weeks tommorrow so if it happens after then least ill get the homebirth. and i finally bought labour stuff today!!! yay me, im starting to get ready for babe at last he he




    PINK kitchen, cool!

    Yeah take a piccie of it

    Oh my god a pink kitchen?

    How fab!!!

    Piccies please please please x

    A pink kitchen, i have never seen a pink kitchen. I was around 37 weeks this time last year and was counting down the days, i hope all goes well

    Original Poster

    Original Poster

    gotta do some painting and tiling and floors but im still pretty chuffed with it.

    Original Poster

    yeah im counting down the days as braxton hicks are annoying and i wanna lay on my front now, so he can give me massage ha ha. but ive just this week started hoping baby stays in for extra 4 days, so out in time for halloween still but he finishes work week before due dat so be nice to spend some quality time with him and tabatha before littlen arrives.


    lovely hun, you got a nice big kitchen, ladsa sapce you lucky thing you x

    looks berry nice mummy xx and yep iv missed ya .. was thinking about you today and wondering how baby to be is doing xxx
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