Hello! Does the wii game pack & remote come with numcuck thingy?!

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Found 11th Jan 2007

When I finally get a wii I will need another controller/remote so I can play two players.

Does the wii play and remote pack come with the numcuck thingy?



no just a wiimote, you will need to buy a seperate numchuck.

but the only game you will need it for is the boxing, all the other Wii sports games dont need it.

its worth getting one though as they are not much any way.

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thats the game I want to play most! How much are the numchucks?

Does the actual wii come with a numchuck?

[SIZE=2]around £10-£15.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]cheapest i've seen is £11.99 from HMV but delivery isnt the quickest from them. in fact just looked and they are out of stock.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]amazon have them for £15.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]i didnt really like the boxing, the tennis and the bowling are my favourites.[/SIZE]

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cool thanks. Does the actual wii come with a numchuck or will I need to buy two?

comes with one

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thank you, now I just gotta get me hands on one!
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