hello everyone :) been a lurker for ages but now got a request..................

    am looking for a new 4gb ipod nano and wondered if any of you very wise people know of any good deals at the mo?

    thanks in advance


    strong first post.

    Aint looked at the 4gigs, but there is a 80gb @ Dixons for £138 on the main page

    and welcome:-D

    Original Poster

    thanks for the welcome...

    don't really wanna spend that sort of money cos birthday pressie for my 10 year old - so cheap as poss please

    Welcome to HUKD :),maybe try posting this in the deal requests section,you may get more views etc.....:thumbsup:


    ipods are expensive...why not get a creative zen v or something similar? They're a lot cheaper and a zen v will take a real battering and still work.

    Moved to the deal requests forum rather than misc... welcome to HUKD ]poola.
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