hello everyone, has anyone won much with the Mcdonald's online code competition?

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Found 9th Apr
The only time I won anything was an extra code that won nothing. Thanks for sharing and good luck to everyone


I've got about 50 still to redeem

I've entered about 15 times, won three extra (losing) codes. Useless!
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I must have entered over 100 codes and never won anything!

My mum and dad popped into McD's for the first time in ages last week.
Got 3 codes, and one was a £10 win.

Won a fiver

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2 years ago won 50£

I've never won anything, was beginning to think there were no prizes.
I do have a McDonalds sticker for £10 off a phone case at Wrappz.com that I don't want, so if anybody wants it let me know.

I've tried loads of times, but just had 1 extra code that didn't give me anything! From the peel-away sticker, I've had a couple sugar ring donuts, 1 month magazine online subscription and £10 off a wrappz personalised phone case. Nothing exciting (apart from the sugar donuts because they are BANGING!)

i won £5 last year

I guess this why I saw some teenagers going through bins near a McDonald's.

Nothing from codes ever, have won on the stickers food drink and photo book


I guess this why I saw some teenagers going through bins near a … I guess this why I saw some teenagers going through bins near a McDonald's.

I was meeting someone outside McDs near me a few weeks back to sell my pushbike. There was a lad in a shirt & tie who I first assumed to be working there, perhaps a manager, removing bags of rubbish from the bins. I only realised after a few minutes that he was taking the bags to his car, driving off to another car park and going through the bags for stickers.

He'd then drive back, park up next to another bin and wind his passenger window down, reach right down into the bin and pull out paper bags of rubbish, drop them through his passenger window, then get back in the car and drive off again. He was doing this for a good half hour - the person I was meeting didn't turn up in the end

Just dug 3 Mac flurry cartons out bin from last night. Codes no good but one label says we won a muffin or cookie

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Seeing no justeat code came my way, yes it was Mcdonald's tonight and after more than 10 online codes,still no wins
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I've won a monopoly game from a sticker and the kids were so excited but it's been 3 weeks and I have not received anything or heard from them again. Has anyone won anything similar in the past and could please let me know if there's anything I have to do or is it just a matter of waiting? Thank you
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