Hello everyone, how is the weather in your area at the moment?

    Since we seemingly can't talk about our thoughts and feelings towards people who use the moderators as a comfort/safety blanket, even though I made sure not to use any nasty, meanie-weanie words and made sure there were genuine points for discussion, we'll keep this topic nice and fluffy and cute and inoffensive for all of those sensitive types...

    So yeah, people of HUKD, how is the weather in your area today? I hear snow has struck again in certain parts of the country. Here in Manchester, though, it's same old, same old - a bit dull and grey with a slight chill.



    Are you desperate for attention?

    Original Poster


    Raining.Are you desperate for attention?

    No, not at all. Just wondering what the weather is like for all of my fellow HUKD peeps

    It's sunny, but as cold as a Mod's black heart!

    nice day in portsmouth,like a summer day till you go outside :thumbsup:

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    I don't trust the weatherman...or the weather woman for that matter. Eqality and all of that - we're all equals at the end of the day! I wouldn't want to appear sexist in case I offended any of my fellow HUKDer's :-)



    cold here in london town



    exactly the same in Dundee
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